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After ending last semester with a very good taste of play-moments… we´ve decided to dedicate the whole semester to the concepts of PLAY and GAMES.

We want to draw attention to the classics of play, Huizinga, Caillois, Sutton-Smith… Everybody talks about them, but… have we really dedicated time to them… exclusively??? I can shamefully state that I haven´t! Fall 2010 is the time for this BLINDNESS of play-classicism to be over.

Join us in our monthly sessions and get enlightened 🙂 (or at least, get deep knowledge on what the books are about 😉 )

2nd September is for “Homo Ludens” by Huizinga ( 5:00 pm at NiMuser)

28th September is for “Man, Play and Games” by Caillois (4:00 pm at NiMuser)

20th October is for “The Ambiguity of Play” by Brian Sutton-Smith (5:00 pm at NiMuser)

17th November is for??? (open)

December is also open.



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PSWG is currently on summer break…much needed!

Thanks to all those who came to our meetings and engaged in very prosper discussions.

We will come back mid-August with a new program for the fall. Until then, ENJOY THE SUMMER!

Elena and Lise

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On the 21st of April PSWG will have its monthly meeting  and will host the first meeting of the seminar arranged by the performativity group. This means that in this session,  PSWG and the sub-group “Between Theory and Practice: New Methodologies” collaborate in arranging the readings and discussion.

Please go to “schedule” for detailed information on the readings that will be sent by email to both members of PSWG and the performativity group.

We look forward to an exciting discussion!


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