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After ending last semester with a very good taste of play-moments… we´ve decided to dedicate the whole semester to the concepts of PLAY and GAMES.

We want to draw attention to the classics of play, Huizinga, Caillois, Sutton-Smith… Everybody talks about them, but… have we really dedicated time to them… exclusively??? I can shamefully state that I haven´t! Fall 2010 is the time for this BLINDNESS of play-classicism to be over.

Join us in our monthly sessions and get enlightened 🙂 (or at least, get deep knowledge on what the books are about 😉 )

2nd September is for “Homo Ludens” by Huizinga ( 5:00 pm at NiMuser)

28th September is for “Man, Play and Games” by Caillois (4:00 pm at NiMuser)

20th October is for “The Ambiguity of Play” by Brian Sutton-Smith (5:00 pm at NiMuser)

17th November is for??? (open)

December is also open.



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