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On Tuesday 2nd of March, Elena Perez will hold a lecture about Pervasive Theatre and Games at NTNU. This lecture is open to everyone as part of Heli Aaltonen master course, “New Dramatugies”.

Please join us from 12:15-14:00 in room D134 at IKM.

See you there!


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The Performance Studies Working Group will take as a starting point the interesting ways in which performance studies have questioned the theory/practice divide, opening up new possibilities for doing research, or better, performing research and art.  Looking at this from a interdisciplinary position, we will focus on how performance studies can help us solve disciplinary methodological puzzles in the arts.
Keeping this three ideas in mind, theory/practice/interdisciplinarity, we will look at key concepts that performance studies has contributed extensively to in search for new approaches for our own investigations.

The PSWG is conceived as a place for students, researchers, scholars and artists to discuss vital issues withing performance studies and practice. Each PSWG session focuses on a theme. In our five meetings this spring we will look at Presence, The Spectator, Practice as Research, Interdisciplinarity and Play (go to Schedule on top of this page for more details).

The readings have been chosen to your satisfaction, and maybe, provocation, from a variety of relevant and very contemporary contributions to the field. But please, don’t let the readings bind you, come, even if you haven’t done them. There are different ways of contributing to the working group, theory is not the only one!

PSWG will meet once a month for two hours, normally from 14:00 to 16:00. Around two weeks before each meeting, we will send scanned copies of the readings to your email address. Please, contact us (at lise.hovik@ntnu.no) so that we put you on the email list.  The meetings will take place at the meeting room in Institutt for kunst og media IKM, in building 8, level 4, at Dragvoll.

We hope seeing you there!

Lise and Elena

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